Maintaining Your SSD Real Estate in a Shrinking Flash Market

flash real estate

Using Enterprise SSD Performance Tools to Maximize NAND Lifespan

In technology, there’s always a push for smaller, lighter, and cheaper. That’s not far from the truth in regards to NAND flash as well. Flash memory is expensive to produce and requires innovative ways (like smaller sizes) to make SSD storage more cost-effective to implement in a large scale data center or server application. Even Fortune 500s have a budget they need to meet.

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Big Data: Catch Me If You Can!


Hard Drives Losing the Big Data Marathon, Flash in the Lead

It’s too big, moves too fast, and traditional disk storage cannot keep pace with it. It’s the unstoppable Big Data, and it’s racing up from behind to overtake all the resources and processing power from outdated, stretched-too-thin storage infrastructures. Fortunately, flash storage has become a more viable answer to expanding and enhancing data processing capabilities by maximizing capacity, performance, and even future-proofing so you can confidently justify any initial upgrade costs to your budget department.

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Intrepid 3000 – The Consistency King is Crowned

King of Consistency

Consistency matters to the user experience, whether it’s a McDonald’s cheeseburger, a Starbucks latte, or a company’s data center performance. When executing a variety of mixed workloads, predictable performance is essential to the success of the enterprise by providing a faster, more responsive experience without lag or downtime. Without this level of consistency, latency spikes require IT personnel to adjust application workload requirements that increase maintenance and support costs.

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When to Use Cache and When to Stick with NAND Flash


Abraham Harold Maslow uttered the memorable words, “If you only have a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.” These words should come to mind when contemplating whether to use server-side cache for database acceleration or to place all of your data on flash.  OCZ’s ZD-XL SQL Accelerator has the unique capability to allow you to flexibly allocate its flash resources between an all-flash volume and flash-based caching acceleration of underlying HDD volumes. This article tries to clarify when to use the server-side flash volume of ZD-XL SQL Accelerator and when to use its flash caching capabilities.

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Achieve Ultimate Acceleration of SQL Server Using a Turnkey OCZ Solution

Meet ZD-XL SQL Accelerator

Most enterprises worldwide are already using Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI) software like SharePoint, Excel, Power View, PowerPivot, Analysis Services, Master Data Services.  In view of this, it is no surprise that Microsoft SQL Server—an enterprise-class relational database management system—is steadily gaining market share in enterprise data centers.

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SQL Server 2014 and Flash – The Brewing of a Converse Perfect Storm

Tornado Lightning Storm

Fellow DBAs: Brace yourselves!

A business intelligence storm is brewing. We can all see it on the horizon. You can lock yourself in the war room for a little longer.  You can hide for a little while behind the safety of technically cryptic terms such as “in-memory columnar indexes” and “flash based memory buffer extensions.” But beware; the hordes of end users are already amassing at your doors as more and more get wind of the pending change. They have heard that the Gordian Knot has been cut.   Analysis and long wait times are no longer bound together. The writing is on the wall. The once-a-day-batch-reporting empire is crumbling. They will soon break down your protective layers of code.  And when the general availability of SQL Server 2014 is announced, they will all come rushing in.  From the CEO down to the last of the business line managers, they will throw their concurrent random queries at your precious systems. They will want answers and they will want them immediately. They will demand that you provide their dose of real time data.

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Make a Vote for Virtualization: OCZ VXL Software on Nomination Shortlist at SVC Awards


So many software solutions, how’s an IT person to choose? Virtualization has changed the game when it comes to how enterprises deploy and manage their IT infrastructures, and when I/O and random access demands increase, traditional storage methods are challenged thereby creating a data bottleneck that can bring an enterprise to its knees. The OCZ VXL Software Solution maximizes performance of virtualized server environments by combining advanced application-optimized caching with dynamic allocation of on-host flash. Since its deployment in February 2012, VXL has been successfully implemented by various clients looking to enable intelligent and efficient on-demand distribution of flash between VMs based on need.  Multiple VMs running concurrently? No problem there! Need for installing additional agents? Not a chance!

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